March 3, 2016


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"Angela is an amazing instructor. She is easy to follow and always gives you alternative moves to help you customize your workout. I am telling everyone I know about this class! I hated exercise before Pound, now I hate to miss a class!" -Raina 


July 18, 2O15

Dear Blaine/Birch Bay Parks & Recreation Commissioners,

My name is Vincent Paterson. I own a home in Blaine, but live in Hollywood, California, and am a successful director and choreographer. Several of my family members live in Blaine so I visit twice a year, usually in July and around the Christmas holidays.

I want to commend you on the wonderful job Parks and Recreation has done for the Blaine/Birch Bay community. Every time I visit, I see how dedicated you have been to providing more events for the locals and the tourists as well as continuing to support interesting and necessary activities for the community.

When I am here, I take advantage of the fantastic Zumba classes that Brenda Gelwicks provides at the Activity center. I have been taking her classes for the past 3 years and it thrills me to see the attendance continue to grow. Being in my profession, I know the importance of exercise at any age. Not only does it push endorphins through the body, providing happiness and joy to the individual, but it keeps the body active, leading to less medical problems and a healthier community overall.

Today I attended the sand sculpture contest for the children and tomorrow will attend the one for the adults. It was a delight and so many happy faces everywhere.

Congratulations to you all for your support, care and investment in the communities of Blaine and Birch Bay. In my business, I would give you a standing ovation.


Vincent Paterson

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